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Maya Summary Six-Seven

Maya is a ”node” based program. That means that when you are creating your projects all of your shapes and models will be relying on nodes in order for them to do what you need them to do. When you make a change or you add to a model, a node will be created representing that change or addition. One thing that makes these nodes so useful is that you can select them and easily make changes to them such as scaling.

The channel box and attribute editor can be accessed on the far right part of the screen. The channel box allows for you to manipulate general objects that you are working on. It brings up your properties like your scaling your rotating and etc., all in one space so u can easily make your desired changes, The attribute editor is a collection of all of your nodes. This is where you can edit the objects attributes such as smoothness. It is important to recognize that the tabs on the attribute editor are simply just your nodes, because at first glance, it can just look like a whole bunch of numbers and words all bundled up. The attribute editor is really useful for when you would like to make changes, disregarding this could make simple fixes difficult.


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