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Lesson 9 In this project we created a project utilizing the roto brush tool and the refine edge tool. First, we created a segmentation boundary by using the roto brush and drawing on the boy to select his full image without the background. We then refined it to look better. Second we used the refine edge…… Continue reading Lesson 9


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Lesson 8 In this project we created another crab logo animation, prominently using the puppet tools. First step we took was to add the background, lock it, and animate text over it by adding the “Fly in With a Twist” and “Slow Fade On” effects. We then used the scale properties and keyframes to change the…… Continue reading Lesson 8

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Lesson 3 For this project we created a Blue Crab Charter advert. For the Snorkel Tours text we used the Type tool and installed the text font from Adobe Fonts. Every single piece of text on the advert includes some type of a preset or effect helped by many keyframes. The Blue Crab Charter text utilized…… Continue reading Lesson 3

Lesson 5 In this project we created a balloon scene using after effects. After creating the composition, we adjusted the character ‘s anchor points so that you could see him pulling the string to ignite the fire. To get everything to move correctly on the movie, I created different compositions, edited their properties, then copied them…… Continue reading Lesson 5

Lesson 2 In this project we created an introduction for a company called Blue Crab Charter Services. The first step we took was to create our composition. To create it, we imported the background with the water and then we imported the foreground element which is the company logo. I then used the Horizontal Type Tool…… Continue reading Lesson 2

Lesson 1 On this project we created a video with a swimming dog in it. Most of the project were imported files into the composition. We created the composition, then arranged all of our imported layers into the timeline. Once we had our composition made up and done, we where able to add effects and modify…… Continue reading Lesson 1

Lesson 07 On this project we created a project showcasing a tablet with a video of a turtle on it, all created through after effects. First major step we took was to create the screen of the tablet by making a mask using the pen tool. We created points all around the screen, edited, and the…… Continue reading Lesson 07

Lesson 6 On this project we created a movie billboard. This project involved me duplicating many properties and layers and pick whipping them to merge them together. For the animation on the “Tickets on sale now” sign, I used the corner pin effect and then made keyframes on the timeline so the animation could animate at…… Continue reading Lesson 6

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Lesson 04

In this project, we created an animated gif of a flower pot using After Effects 2022. I began with making a stars by using the star tool and then copy & pasting 6 more onto the canvas. To animate the stars, I gave them wiggle paths on their properties and changing its scale on different…… Continue reading Lesson 04

Maya Summary Six-Seven

Maya is a ”node” based program. That means that when you are creating your projects all of your shapes and models will be relying on nodes in order for them to do what you need them to do. When you make a change or you add to a model, a node will be created representing…… Continue reading Maya Summary Six-Seven