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Maya Summary Six-Seven

Maya is a ”node” based program. That means that when you are creating your projects all of your shapes and models will be relying on nodes in order for them to do what you need them to do. When you make a change or you add to a model, a node will be created representing…… Continue reading Maya Summary Six-Seven

Maya Summary 5

Outliner helps you gain a quick overview of everything that you have on your scene. You can find it by going to ‘Window + Outliner’. On your outliner there is a search bar where you can actually search for any specific models that you have in your scene. To hide any models you can select…… Continue reading Maya Summary 5

Maya Summary 3-4

Navigating through Maya is dependent on your ‘alt’ button and a mouse button. To rotate it is ‘Alt + Left Mouse Button’, to pan around it is ‘Alt + Middle Button’, and to zoom and zoom out it is ‘Alt + right Mouse Button’. If you would like to select and object and have in…… Continue reading Maya Summary 3-4

Maya Summary 1-2

Maya is a powerful software with millions of possibilities, but because of the powerful but yet overwhelming complexity, it can become difficult for new comers to properly learn it. The software is widely used by millions of people and companies in which want to engage or create 3D objects. Maya can appear very intimidating, but…… Continue reading Maya Summary 1-2

Solar System For this project we adjusted the camera to show how the satellite Juno arrived to Jupiter. I adjusted the zoom of the camera and I adjusted where It was looking at. To do this I created a classic motion tween to give it the animation of it following. I also animated the rotation of…… Continue reading Solar System

Monkey In this assignment we animated a character. Many animations in this project mostly consisted of using keyframes and motion tweens. For the movements of the character I used the free-transform tool and changed the angles. I then created a new symbol, and used a separate timeline to make the fly and tail animate. On…… Continue reading Monkey

Categorized as Animation 1


In this project we were supposed to create a project consisting of flags and a hand. In this project we were to use many motion tweens. The key difference between this project and other projects was that we refined the motion tweens. When I refined the motion tweens I added anchor points to the tween…… Continue reading Currency

Movie Poster For this assignment we created a Movie Poster. First I added the background by going into my library, and dragging it onto stage, making it its own layer. On most layers and components in this assignment, I added a motion tween, from keyframe to keyframe to make them move. For the car, I moved…… Continue reading Movie Poster

Coney Island

In this assignment we made a Coney Island GIF. First, I added my background then used the dial on the timeline to different frames where I eventually added the pictures. These were the frames that the pictures would appear on. The same process was used for when I used the Poly Star tool to create…… Continue reading Coney Island

ANIM Sunset

For this project we created an animated sunset. For the animation on the text, I set keyframes then added tweens in between them that had quad ease out. For the comet I used the same concept except for moving the comet on the screen when going from keyframe to key frame. Then I added a…… Continue reading ANIM Sunset