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Taylor Swift Tattoo

For Taylor Swift’s tattoos, I positioned them on her body. The dragon tattoo went on her left arm, while I put the other tattoo on her right arm. After I put the butterfly tattoo next to her shoulder, I used the warp tool to make them match her body. I then used Gaussian blur and…… Continue reading Taylor Swift Tattoo

Colorize Soldier

To colorize my image I started by selecting the magic wand. I chose an area that I was going to colorize, and I made sure that the area I picked had a high contrast with the area around it. Once selected I chose the lasso tool to touch it up a bit. Once I was…… Continue reading Colorize Soldier

Colorize Frankenstein

I used the magnetic lasso, to select his face and colorize it. I did this with the help of the normal lasso, so I could give selection a little bit more detail. I repeated the same process with the shirt, except I made his shirt a shade of brown. After, I used the brush to…… Continue reading Colorize Frankenstein

Elements of Art

Color is an important element in life in which is involved with most aspects in life. It’s everywhere you look and feel. Color theory is the mixture and implementation of color. It can dictate how people feel and what mood they are in. It can also dictate how people react. Then it can effect you…… Continue reading Elements of Art

Movie Poster

I grabbed an image of Miles Morales and I uploaded it into photoshop. I used the magnetic lasso to take him out the picture so it was only him. Then I grabbed an image of the city from the movie and I made it a little darker to make him pop a little more. For…… Continue reading Movie Poster

Critical Thinking

Im currently doing good. Im using photoshop to help me with the image I’m adding into my Movie cover. Tomorrow should be fine, but I’m not sure If I will finish during class.

Critical Thinking

I am done with all of my principle pages. So, i’m currently working on the cover and it’s going great. I have a lot of ideas in my head. I want to keep it simple while also adding a good amount of difficulty.