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Multiple Me

First I put the images in photoshop into a stack. Once I had all of my images and layers, I gave them all masks and I changed my foreground and background colors to black and white. I then used the brush tool to start erasing the boy away. I clicked ctrl I or command I…… Continue reading Multiple Me

Final South Park Character

This is my finished south park character. I made the the head, body, and clothes using different tools like the Pen Tool, the Eclipse Tool, the Direct Selection Tool, and the Text tool.

Gang of Ninjas

For the heads of the ninjas, I used the Ellipse Tool, and for the body of the ninjas I used the Rectangle Tool and the Rounded Rectangle Tool. I made an oval and a circle, then I subtracted from the shape to make the faces of the ninjas, and used the ellipse tool to make…… Continue reading Gang of Ninjas


First, for the nose of the hippo I grabbed the ellipse tool and made an oval. I then copied the oval and used the Direct Selection Tool to create the hippo’s head. To create the ears, I made another oval, stretched its lower node down, and used Offset Path to make the inner part of…… Continue reading Hippo!

Border Paths

Before After For the Greek border, I grabbed the Pen Tool and clicked from point to point to be able to make straight lines. The straight lines were used to create the whole border. The Greek Key border was a bit more challenging. I had to click and drag up and down diagonally to be…… Continue reading Border Paths

Pen Tool Exercises 2

Before After Summary For the letter V all I had to really do was to click and drag the pen tool to from point to point. The letter E had way more points then V did, but I also only had to click and drag from point to point. The O’s were a little more…… Continue reading Pen Tool Exercises 2

Pen Tool Exercises

Summary For the first image all I had to do was click and release on the points making the image of the tree. For the images with curves I had to press and hold shift and drag it to the next point. On the images with the curves corner points I had to release and…… Continue reading Pen Tool Exercises

Gallo Soda Can

Summary First, to create the label, I grabbed the raindrops image and applied effects to give it the yellow color. I then had to create a new filed called “Gallo Soda Canvas”, so that I could make the 3D model of the soda can. Once the model was made I applied the label to the…… Continue reading Gallo Soda Can

Animated Clock

Summary First I had to create the base of the clock, which is the circle. I then added guidelines to help me position everything correctly on the clock. It was now time to build the clock, so I added a frame and used some effects to make it look like it had shape. I used…… Continue reading Animated Clock

Rocket Animation

Summary The fist thing that I did was add the text on separate layers. I had to put them in separate layers because I had to add them to a timeline later on. Once it was time for the timeline, I turned off all text layers except for 3 and created a frame animation. I…… Continue reading Rocket Animation