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Stop Motion Animation

We were assigned a stop motion project in our class for Animation 2. In the story, we have 2 characters that were set up to fight. The bigger character ends up striking the smaller character, hurting him physically and emotionally. He then gets up and hugs him, showing that everything can be solved with kindness.

For our project we created a wrestling scene because we thought that it would be a good way to showcase some of the animation elements. We created two characters using clay, one that was small and weak, and one that was big and seemed strong. Then we created a wrestling ring using books, paperclips, and paper and the software that we used was Adobe Photoshop.

 We enjoyed the making of this project. What we liked about the project is that we were able to use our imagination to create characters, that we were then able to give life and we enjoyed the challenges that it made come our way. It also introduced us to a new way of using photoshop that we can use for future assignments for this class.


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