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Maya Summary 1-2

Maya is a powerful software with millions of possibilities, but because of the powerful but yet overwhelming complexity, it can become difficult for new comers to properly learn it. The software is widely used by millions of people and companies in which want to engage or create 3D objects.

Maya can appear very intimidating, but once you get a basic rundown of where the tools are and how they function, you will gain a great understanding. The shelf is the long row of images located at the top of your screen. It contains most of the functions you have available to use. The menu is located above the shelf and is where you can access different functions as well as the same tools that are on the shelf. Based on the current mode that you are in your menu will change (Modeling, Ridging, Animation, FX, Rendering). On the left of your screen you have your selection tools. These include the basic tools such as paint selector, lasso, and the manipulators in which you can use to move, rotate, and scale object that you have currently selected. Directly under those tools you have your view tools in which you can use to look at your work but from a different perspective. If you got trigger friendly and started clicking buttons and tools and now your screen looks like a mess, you can click on the top left of your screen where it says ‘Workspace’ where you can reset your windows right back to how they originally where.


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