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About Me

My names is Abraham, and this blog is here to provide you with a close look of my journey through Graphic Design and Illustration. I chose to put my time into Graphic Design and Illustration, because I feel that it could be something interesting that I could learn and use in the real world. I could use it to advertise or possibly help me get a job. My hope is to just eventually become decent at this kind of stuff and become knowledgeable on it.

I grew up in Texas loving sports. I like to play and watch basketball basically everyday and my favorite team is the Oklahoma City Thunder. Another interest I have is video games, specifically NBA 2K because I get to play with others. I also have a passion for technology, which is why I am challenging myself with Graphic Design and Illustration. When I set my mind on something, I try my very hardest , no matter how difficult.

You should consider following because I am genuine and all of the content you will see are real results. I am still quite new at this so some results might look a little rough, but know that I did try my hardest. My goal is to be able to share my journey with you, the viewer.


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